Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Witch's lair

This is my most recent version of the witch's bird room.  I had totally been in 'environment' mode even though I am shooting for a moment piece.  Does this seem more like a moment and does it make sense?


  1. Yeah I really like the feeling in both of the pieces and I totally get what's going on. In posing maybe the witch is coming too at us, it might be a little more interesting to have her at a three quarter view. Paul Felix mentioned to me that things that are directly perpendicular to the picture plan tend to have a flattening impact and I think that might be happening here. I think that could totally be remedied, by turning her a little. Plus the arm feels just a pinch stiff, so I guess my overall critique is just to mess with posing a little more.

  2. Again, I agree with Katie. I'm not sold on the which standing front and center to the viewer. She also seems very posed, like she's a super model which and knows we're watching her. Trying turning her like Katie said, and then placing her in different parts of the composition, because you can get some cool negative shapes when she is not so distracting.

  3. Hey Steve,
    Its really dynamic, which is cool. My first read is that the witch is coming at the camera, like running, or gonna swing the cage at us. Kind of what Katie said.
    And so I'm wondering which moment in the witches room you're going for. Is Joringel confronting the witch? or is it just the witch and her birds?
    Cool drawing, I'm just a little unsure whats supposed to be happening.

  4. Thanks for the helpful feedback, I totally see what you mean now. Very pointed critiques.